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Schedule Non-Emergency Towing Services

If your vehicle is in a safe location like at your house, parking lot, etc. You can schedule non-emergency towing services online 24/7 by clicking the link below. Fill out the form and we will reach out with pricing and an estimated time of arrival for the services you requested. If you have any information you would like to pass on leave it in the notes section. 

Schedule Emergency Towing Services

If your vehicle is broke down blocking the roadway, involved in a crash, or in need of a recovery service. For immediate service call us at (513) 828-6004. We will do our best to assist you as soon as possible. If a police officer arrives on scene let the police officer know that you have Wayne's on the way to tow your vehicle or if you have not called us yet let the officer know that you would like to request Wayne's and they will call us directly to save time. 

To schedule to get vehicle out of impound on Sunday

If you need to pick up an impounded vehicle or clean out personal items on Sunday fill out the form below to set up an appointment. Remember an appointment is not confirmed unless we reach out to confirm the appointment. If you do not show up within 10 mins of scheduled time the appointment will be canceled.

If you schedule to retrieve personal property out of a vehicle involved in an accident you must be the registered owner of the vehicle.

In order to pick up an impounded vehicle you must have the vehicle release from the police department that impounded your vehicle. 

Appointment must be made before 9AM on Sunday in order to be valid. Appointments scheduled after 9AM will not be confirmed. 

We will either call or email to confirm appointment. 

Book a Sunday Appointment

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