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Our Story: A Legacy of Community Service and Automotive Excellence

Founded in 1969 by Wayne Riley, Wayne's Garage and Towing has evolved from a small transmission repair shop into a pillar of the Southwest Ohio community, renowned for its commitment to quality towing services and community support. Beginning our journey at 1999 Pleasant Ave, Wayne’s quickly became a beacon of automotive repair and towing excellence.

The expansion to 1998 Pleasant Ave in 1984 marked the beginning of our journey towards becoming a full-scale automotive repair center. The introduction of a wrecker to the business in 1977 was our first step into the towing industry, primarily serving vehicles in need of shop services. The turn of the millennium saw us expanding our fleet to include flatbed wreckers to tow today’s cars damage free, further solidifying our commitment to offering a comprehensive suite of towing and recovery services.

With a versatile fleet of equipment ready for any tow or recovery challenge, our capabilities extend from handling passenger cars to fully loaded 18-wheelers with ease. This dynamic growth reflects the tireless commitment and hard work of three generations of the Riley family. Under the leadership of Wayne and his son, Wayne Jr., and with the dedicated support of Wayne Jr.'s wife, Cindy, and their son, Brandon, we stand prepared to meet the needs of our community with unmatched professionalism and care.

At the end of 2022, the decision was made to sell the automotive repair portion of our business to Ryan Pohlman of Pohlman's Tire and Automotive. Ryan and his team are committed to continuing the legacy of exceptional auto repair services at our former location on Pleasant Ave. This move allowed Wayne’s to concentrate exclusively on towing services, relocating our offices and company headquarters to 1946 Fairgrove Ave, Hamilton, OH.

As a locally owned and operated entity, our roots in the community run deep. Our evolution reflects over 50 years of commitment to Southwestern Ohio, underscored by a legacy of quality, reliability, and community service. Wayne's Garage & Towing is not just a business; it's a family legacy and a community institution, now exclusively dedicated to providing top-tier towing services. As we look to the future, our connection to the community we serve remains as strong as ever, three generations strong and counting.

Our Commitment to the Community and Environment

Our dedication goes beyond providing exceptional towing and recovery services. We are deeply committed to the well-being of our community and the safeguarding of our environment. Our actions speak louder than words:

Protecting Our Drinking Water and Environment: We recognize the importance of a clean and safe environment for future generations. Our operations are carried out with the utmost care to prevent contamination and protect our precious drinking water sources. Through rigorous environmental safety practices, we ensure that every accident scene is remediated correctly, leaving no trace behind.

Support for Local Police and Fire Departments: Our strong partnership with local police agencies and fire departments underscores our commitment to community safety and resilience. By supporting these essential services, we contribute to a safer, well-protected community where everyone can feel secure.

Keeping Roadways Clear and Safe: We understand the critical importance of keeping our roadways clear. Our quick and efficient response to accident scenes is designed to prevent secondary accidents, ensuring that our roads are safe for all users. Our team is equipped and trained to handle any situation, minimizing disruptions and ensuring swift clearance.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Training: Our investment in the latest equipment and ongoing training for our team sets us apart. We are prepared for any challenge that comes our way, guaranteeing that we can manage a wide range of incidents with the professionalism and efficiency our community deserves.

At Wayne's Garage & Towing, we do more than just tow vehicles; we uphold our responsibility to the community and the environment with every call we answer. Trust us to be your partner in creating a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

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