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Wayne's Garage was started in 1969 by Wayne Riley. The garage first started at 1999 Pleasant Ave specializing in transmission repair, but due to space moved to 1998 Pleasant Ave in 1984 and expanded to complete automotive repair. Wayne added a wrecker to his business in 1977 and started towing mainly for vehicles coming to the shop only. In the early 2000's the fleet was expanded to a flat bed as well as a medium duty wrecker. Wayne bought back 1999 Pleasant Ave. for extra space in 2007 and now owns all three corners.  In 2008 the fleet was upgraded to two flatbeds and two wreckers and Wayne's joined police rotation towing for crashes and impounds.  The name was changed to Wayne's Garage and Towing in late 2009. Wayne's has constantly upgraded the fleet over the years since, to be able to handle any type of recovery or tow. The fleet consists of six flatbeds, two standard duty wreckers, one medium duty wrecker, one heavy duty wrecker, a skid steer, fork lift, enclosed car trailer, two service vehicles, and a motorcycle trailer.  Wayne and his son Wayne Jr. are now full partners with Wayne Jr's wife Cindy and son Brandon working in the business as well. The business has expanded into full automotive repair and a towing business as well.  The shop consists of seven bays and a total of 11 employees. The garage is now on police rotation with multiple police departments.  Wayne Jr has began to take over a lot of the responsibilities of the day to day operations.
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About Wayne Jr.
Wayne Jr. was born in Hamilton, OH in 1971. He has worked at Wayne's Garage since his early teenage years. In high school Wayne went to Butler tech for automotive repair for his junior and senior school year. Wayne quickly worked his way to lead technician in the mid 1990's and became ASE certified master technician. Wayne Jr. and his wife Cindy have two children. Wayne Jr's son Brandon works in the business. In the early 2000's Wayne Jr. started running the day to day operations.
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About Wayne Sr.
Wayne was born in Hamilton, OH in 1944.  He started working at a Chrysler dealership very quickly working his way up to the master technician.  Then in 1969 he went out on his own and started Wayne's Garage.  Wayne and his wife Edna have five children including four girls and one boy.  Wayne enjoys building custom hot rods on the side.  Wayne has owned over one hundred classic cars and built many of them from the ground up.
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