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In order to pick up an impounded vehicle you must obtain a release form from the police department that impounded your vehicle. You must be the registered owner to obtain the police release.

Contact the police department that impounded your vehicle and see what documents they require for a vehicle release.
*If you need documents out of an impounded vehicle come in during regular business hours to retrieve documents from your vehicle. (You must be registered owner of the vehicle to retrieve documents)

Once you obtain a police release:
      1. Bring the release to our office 
      2. Pay the impound charges (call for charges)
*Cash only on police impounds

Once the you bring in the police release and pay the impound charges you can pick up your vehicle

Our release hours:
Monday-Friday: 9AM-12PM 1PM-5PM
Saturday: 9AM-12PM
Sunday: By appointment only
*To make appointment go to the scheduling page and fill out the form
(Closed major holidays)

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