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If your vehicle is towed to our storage facility after being involved an accident:
If you are using your insurance company:
  1. Contact your insurance company's claims team
  2. Set up your auto accident claim
If you are not at fault for the accident:
  1. Obtain a copy of the police report from the police agency that handled the accident call (Contact the records division to obtain report)
  2. Once you obtain the police report, the responsible party's insurance will be listed on the police report under unit 1
  3. Locate the insurance company listed on the reports claims phone number (Simply google xyz insurance company claims phone number)
  4. Give the insurance company a call and set up a claim
*If you have any questions with this process feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to help. You can also reach out to your local insurance agent and they should help walk you through the process of setting up a liability claim.
Once you set up a claim:
  1. Your insurance company will normally send an adjuster to our storage facility to write an estimate on the damage to your vehicle
  2. If the vehicle is repairable you'll need to pick a body shop for the repairs to be completed
  3. If your vehicle is deemed a total loss by the insurance company you'll need to come to our storage facility and clean your personal belongings out of your vehicle
  4. Once you have retried your personal belongings from your vehicle and your satisfied with the evaluation of your vehicle. Give us a call, stop in, or fill out the vehicle release form below to release your vehicle for pick up by your insurance company. (either to a body shop or the auction if your vehicle is totaled)
Hours to retrieve personal property:
Monday-Friday 9AM-12PM 1PM-5PM
Saturday: 9AM-12PM
Sunday: (By appointment only)
*To schedule a Sunday appointment click here. Or go to scheduling and fill out the form. 

Vehicle Release Form

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